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Stephen Rodriguez, Director

Stephen Rodriguez is the founder and director of Epiphany Health Counseling and the creator of Diabetes: The Way Out which has helped pre-diabetics and type 2 diabetics get total control over their diabetes in as little as 7 days. Developed in San Antonio his diabetes program is revolutionary in its approach by teaching people how to utilize their body’s own ability to be well without having to stick to a specific diet or food regimen.

Tiffany O’Loughlin, Food Enthusiast

Tiffany O’Loughlin is our resident food enthusiast that has a passion for teaching people how to cook and love nourishing, healing foods. Having found healing through food in her own personal journey; her recipes literally nourish spirit, soul, and body and have helped transform the lives of our clients in immeasurably profound ways. Her passion for helping people has benefited our clients in nearly every aspect of their time with us during their diabetic control journey.

J.B. Denny, Pharm.D.

J.B. Denny is a wonderful pharmacist that has helped our clients ensure safety with their medications. Since joining the team, J.B. has helped our clients avoid any potential harmful drug interactions and has guided our clients to make sure they know what to ask their doctors. He is a graduate of the U.T. Austin College of Pharmacy and has a passion for helping people achieve their health goals and positive outcomes.

The 5 step game plan my clients are using to lower their blood sugar, drop their a1c, and reverse diabetic weight gain…
(Without counting a single carb or calorie)

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All client and patient testimonials were given by consent and release. These results are the result of the hard work and dedication each person put into achieving their health goals. These results are not a guarantee that you will achieve the same results. Your health is entirely in your hands.

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